5 Steps of process

Each story is unique, to save your time we have developed an easy
structural approach of bringing your project to life


Step 1

Briefing & Agreement

Let's start with  a briefing of your project, first we learn, your vision, after we fully understand your scope of the project, we make an agreement, on such things like time and money with the full outcome. 

Step 2

Script & Preparation

We write the script once it is ready we head on to the visuals : Through creative exploration we discover the look and feel which we then distill into a captivating visual story

hype visuals explainer animation explanatory flat 2D animation video story film
hype visuals

Step 3


With the third step we dive into production to full fill the plan. In this stage your story is being animated, frame after frame. You are always welcome to follow the progress with daily updates.

Step 4

Sound Design

Before you know,  we fine tune custom tailored soundtrack for your animation, add sound FX to make it even more tasty. After all that we lay down voiceover on top like a cherry on a cake ! 

Hypevisuals otion graphics animation animated video works explain explainer animation
hype visuals

Step 5

Enjoy !

Time to see the final project, set back and have fun ! 


Feel free to send us your project request with a short brief, and we will get back to you with creative ideas, and possible options for your next video project .

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